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Glass art in Columbus: Hawk Galleries

Endeavor Installation, hanging at Hawk Galleries - Photo credit: Hawk Galleries

(Lino Tagliapietra  ~ From Hawk Galleries website)

“Going back to Columbus means to me seeing many friends and collectors again. It was not so long ago that I met Tom for the first time. I forgot what year it was but I remember that I was very impressed with Tom’s young energy. He is still young but with much more experience. He always has many big projects in mind and his enthusiasm is quite contagious. Since I met him, he has advanced in his sense of culture, humanity and professionalism. He is a friend that someone can trust and he is like a brother to me.” 

In our journey to discover the art galleries representing Lino, we are now in Columbus, OH. Located in the historic and cultural rich downtown, near the corner of 4th and Main St, a fascinating jewel in the art industry stands out: Hawk Galleries. The art dealer, established in 1986, is a unique ambience where to experiment art and museum-caliber works of national and international artists. Sculptures and creations made by using different media – glass, metal, wood but also paintings and sculptures – are exposed all around. The gallery Owner and Director, Tom Hawk, Jr. has been representing renowned artists for many years now, and he has been working in the promotion of their works of art both in his gallery and throughout the country. He has always been committed in organizing shows and events both in Columbus and around the United States to promote and further the value and the impact art has in people’s life. In this commitment, Tom Hawk has collaborated with art institutions and museums to establish and develop valuable relationships with artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts. A worth mentioning collaboration is the one with the Columbus Museum of Art, a community hub that encourages and shares the importance of art in the city.

Columbus, with the Art Museum and Hawk Galleries is, therefore, a perfect scenario where to discover Lino’s art. The Maestro’s works are exhibited in both these locations where it is possible to understand and discover the mastery behind every single piece. On the one hand, the Columbus Museum of Art exhibits a spectacular installation of Lino’s endeavors, hanging and visible in the Huntington Atrium of the Walter Wing. On the other hand, Hawk Galleries exposes a great selection of previous and recent works of the Maestro that decorate this beautiful spot: Kookaburra, London, Fenice, and Fuji but also elegant Endeavor and Masai installations are some of the creations displayed.

Hawk Galleries

Masai installation and Dinosaur on view at Hawk Galleries – Photo credit: Hawk Galleries

Tom Hawk and the friendly staff welcome you to explore the peerless masterpieces exhibited in this fascinating gallery and guide you in the discovery of the mesmerizing pieces showcased. Talking about Lino Tagliapietra, Tom Hawk once stated:

When I unlock the downtown Columbus gallery doors and escape from the cacophony of traffic into Lino Tagliapietra’s, peaceful, magical and mesmerizing world, I think “Wow! What makes Lino, Lino?” (From the “Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass” website, “Artist of the Month June 2016, Lino Tagliapietra“)

Words that encourage us to discover the artist’s passion and ability and this fascinating milieu located in the Midwest, Hawk Galleries.