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Glass art in California: Austin Art Project

"Makah" on view at Austin Art Project - Photo credit: Russell Johnson photographer, Lino Tagliapietra inc

In a small but friendly and clean city, Palm Desert (CA), a captivating and interesting art gallery to discover stands out: Austin Art Projects. A contemporary art dealer that represents and exposes works of art of renowned artists working different media, while offering consultation, acquisition, and installation to their clients and art enthusiasts.

Back in time, the project started thanks to the collaboration with the sculptor Robert Graham, when he decided to showcase his latest work “Torsos”. The commitment paved the way for the spring of this objective. In 1991 David Austin, gallery owner, cofounded the renowned art gallery in California and, from that time on, he has been mounting numerous exhibitions to showcase works of art of famous artists and has been committed in curating different exhibits around the country. He started different collaborations with distinguished museums: the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian, and the Palm Spring Art Museum to name some. The gallery has also placed works in important collections throughout the United States and internationally, including collections in Corsica, London, and Australia.

In relation to this interest and dedication to the glass world, there is a more than 20-years-long friendship between the Maestro, David Austin, and Austin Art Project. Throughout all this time, this cooperation has brought four exhibitions to Palm Desert, including a major exhibition coinciding with “IN RETROSPECT: A MODERN RENAISSANCE IN ITALIAN GLASS”, the artist’s show at the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2009.

Behind all the work realized by the gallery owner, there is Austin’s enthusiasm and passion for art and the medium used to create the breathtaking works exhibited in this fascinating spot in Palm Desert. Indeed he is focused on and dedicated to the importance and the impact that art has in everybody’s life. Since its inception, Austin Art Projects has played a key role in representing and facilitating artist’s significant works, while broadening their audiences throughout the world.