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The Maestro is Back in Murano

The Maestro is Back in Murano

After a quick and action packed trip, the Maestro is back in Murano.

As you may have seen on social media, the Maestro was back in the states the last two weeks. Staying at his home away from home in Seattle, Lino and his team worked at two different hot shops and made a variety of spectacular pieces. Lino also managed to visit with friends and admirers and even had time to sneak in a quick shopping trip to Patagonia.

In the Hot Shop

Watching Lino and his team in the hot shop is truly an incredible experience. We are sad to see him leave although, who wouldn’t want to return to Italy? Lino will be able to spend time with family and rest before coming back. He’ll enjoy time to relax, eat some delicious Italian food and quite possibly dream of future creations.

Lino had spent his first week working at the Martin Blank hot shop in Seattle creating large vessels such as Dinosaur and Angel Tear. You can read about his first week working at Martin Blank from our last blog post here. The following week, Lino and his team spent their time working during a rare sunny week in Tacoma, WA.

Being from Tacoma, I can’t help but be biased towards the smaller version of Seattle. Tacoma is like the quirky little cousin to Seattle that’s often overlooked by out-of-towners. About a 40 minute drive south of Seattle, you’ll find yourself in the city of destiny that sits alongside the Puget Sound. The art scene in Tacoma is alive and well with local theaters, museums and artists thriving in the community. With the Museum of Glass located along the waterfront downtown, Tacoma-lites appreciate and understand the love for glass.

We found ourselves at the lovely Area 253 Glassblowing hot shop in downtown Tacoma. This hot shop provides ample space for the Maestro and his team to create stunning pieces. A number of pieces were created but on Monday the focus was on the dazzling Spirale piece.


A favorite of the Maestro, Spirale is an elegant and complex piece that will leave you with plenty to look at. Pictured below is a Spirale where you can see an almost DNA-like structure running up the center of the vessel.

Many gorgeous works were created and we’re excited to share them with you all! Lino’s time here was well spent and we have many exciting projects coming soon. In the time being, we’re looking forward to Lino’s return in July. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of the fun and exciting projects to come over the next year.

In addition, we have been getting a lot of requests to watch Lino work. Whenever we have a session open to the public we’ll be sure to share that information ahead of time via our social media channels and blog… We promise!

Thanks so much for following along this journey with the Maestro; he never ceases to inspire!