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A Renaissance in Morristown, New Jersey

A Renaissance in Morristown, New Jersey

March 12, 2017 through June 18, 2017

We are thrilled to share that you can now find a selection of hand-picked Tagliapietra pieces at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey.

The exhibition is curated by Alexandra Willis (of the Morris Museum) alongside our good friends Jim Schantz and Kim Saul; owners of Schantz Galleries (Stockbridge, Massachusetts). Lino Tagliapietra: Maestro of a Glass Renaissance, is guaranteed to take you on an incredible journey throughout the last decade of the Maestro’s artistic career.

It’s only fitting that a museum with such rich history and dedication to inspiring audiences is showcasing the Maestro’s work. The mission and objective of the Morris Museum is synonymous with the values Lino holds as an artist. We are pleased to be showcasing Lino’s work at this museum that upholds artistic excellence and educational innovation.

“It is our objective to educate, and inspire diverse audiences of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, as well as to excite the mind and promote cultural interests. Lino Tagliapietra is an artist that exemplifies this mission. Diverse in form and color, the works selected for this superb exhibition are renowned for their transformative beauty and creative ingenuity within the glassmaking discipline. I am overjoyed to introduce this master, whose years of experience and exposure to the American Studio Glass movement, have left him, and those he has taught and inspired, constantly curious for a new result, for something different.” – Alexandra Willis, Curator, Morris Museum

Indeed, Lino is constantly curious for a new result. Those that know Lino are aware his age has been nothing but a catalyst for his career. Over the last 10 years Lino has continued to spark innovation, achieve breakthroughs and inspire artists around the world.

The hand-picked selection features classic Lino-style pieces with his Venetian form and incredible canework. In addition, the selection uniquely highlights Lino’s experimental and revolutionary techniques including fused glass panels.

Easily accessible, the museum is an hour from New York and a mere 30 minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport. The Maestro and Morris Museum invite you to join us on our journey.


The Morris Museum intends to host an assortment of events in concurrence with Lino’s exhibition. Find the list of events below. For more information regarding a specific event, click the link to be directed to the Morris Museum website.