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Schantz Galleries, a Gem in New England

Schantz Galleries team with Lino Tagliapietra - Photo credit: Schantz Galleries

If you plan to travel to New England to the scenic and magical Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge is a beautiful, welcoming, and intriguing jewel in this famous town on the East Coast. In this fascinating region, where cultural attractions abound, visitors can experience nature, museums, galleries, theatre, dance and music, and the contemporary glass at Schantz Galleries is an experience not to miss.

The considerate gallery owners, Jim Schantz and Kim Saul, have an incredible love for the arts and the strong connection to the glass world. Schantz has been working in this location and representing glass artists since 1982, exhibiting national and international artists, and mounting beautiful shows in the gallery. The couple is committed to helping their artists in their careers, by making sure there is a place for visitors to view works in person. Walking through the four different show rooms in this two floor gallery is like being in a museum where glass collectors and visitors alike are invited to discover the exquisite works of art on display.


Schantz Galleries

The colors of Lino’s art on view at Schantz Galleries – Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc


The colors, shapes, and techniques of the Maestro’s pieces on view at Schantz Galleries are all impressive and breathtaking; each masterpiece is exceptional and astounds visitors with the artistry and technical skill behind it. Having a long term friendship with Lino, Jim and Kim have traveled and exhibited extensively with Lino and as a result are very knowledgeable on his history, techniques and details about each series. This gallery has an extraordinary selection of the Maestro’s work: colorful fused glass panels, exotic Masai installation, elegant Dinosaur, and peerless avventurine works that amaze visitors with their elegance and presence.

Schantz Galleries

The beautiful works of art on view at Chicago SOFA 2015 – Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc

In addition to curating exhibits at the gallery, Jim and Kim coordinate museum exhibitions, studio tours and art fairs throughout the country to better expose the artists they represent. They communicate their enthusiasm and share their passion for the arts through their commitment to this endeavor. Whether you specifically love the glass art or you are traveling around this scenic milieu, make sure to plan a visit to discover this fascinating jewel in Stockbridge. The friendly staff will welcome you and assist you in this journey to learn about the incredible medium of glass and its seemingly endless possibilities. If you are curious to see the vast selection of works available at the gallery, visit their website!

Speaking of the Maestro’s art in A Golden Age of Glass, published for an exhibition of the Avventurine series, Jim Schantz stated:

“Lino’s work has a presence which references yet transcends time… And Lino continues to challenge himself by finding the next exciting or sublime form of expression and creativity. His latest works made at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA in January (2016) were some of the most powerful works I have seen in blown glass. We are so fortunate in our lifetime to witness a Maestro and artist in one, who through his openness to life and humanity is able to transform avventurine and silica into miraculous works of art.” (A Golden Age of Glass catalogue, Jim Schantz, April 2016)


Schantz Galleries

Lino and Lina last May 2016 for the exhibition “Golden Age of Glass” with Schantz Galleries – Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc