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Tansey Contemporary: Art in Santa Fe

Masterpieces decorating the art gallery, Tansey Contemporay - Photo credit: Tansey Contamporary

In our journey that takes us to discover the art galleries representing Lino’s works, we are now in New Mexico, Santa Fe. In this fascinating and ancient city where culture and history blend with innovation and new structure, art is a core element. Strolling around the streets of Santa Fe, there are a great variety of art galleries to discover, but one gallery absolutely not to be missed is the dynamic Tansey Contemporary.

Representing both national and international artists, Tansey Contemporary is famous for its commitment to exhibiting unique, high quality works in a variety of different media. The gallery places a specific focus on the intersection between contemporary art, fine craft and design:

“From a curatorial perspective, we place equal emphasis on the how and why – taking into consideration both process and context. While purpose and meaning is fundamental to the value of art to humanity, quality in execution, we believe, is fundamental to the value of craft within the world of the visual arts. For this reason we exclusively exhibit works by artists who display a level of mastery in their chosen medium.” (Tansey Contemporary website)

Tansey Contemporary

Close caption of the work of art “Fenice” exhibited in the art gallery – Photo credit: Tansey Contemporary

Since beginning their adventure in 2013 gallery owners and program directors, Jen and Mike Tansey, have represented artists who work with fiber, ceramics, glass, sculpture and mixed media. They recognize the importance of skills, knowledge and passion in the ability to transform the imagination of the artist into outstanding forms of art and the creation of a masterpiece. They also recognize the importance of, and enjoy, communicating this with gallery visitors stating:

“We ask our artists to help us communicate not only how they make what they make, but why they make it. We want to engage people with artwork that sparks their creativity.” (American Craft Magazine,”Tansey Contemporary”, Julie K Hanaus, June/July 2016 issue)

Tansey Contemporary has a strong consideration for the community and its value, where the artists, staff, art enthusiasts, media, art dealers, vendors, and clients share the role that art has in everyone’s life. In this friendly and welcoming context Lino’s work perfectly fits: the Maestro’s masterpieces exhibited in the gallery communicate his passion and love for his work and for the glass world. Indeed, the colors, shapes, and design of Lino’s art represent Tansey’s focus on mastery and skill communicating what’s behind his beautiful sculptures or creations.

Tansey Contemporary

Works of art exhibited for the “Solo exhibition”, July 2016 – Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc