03 / 21

A Secret Garden

Discovering nature in glass with the Maestro…

We are excited to share the newest installation created by the Maestro:

A Secret Garden

Inspired by old Venetian objects, Lino has created an intriguing installation composed of eleven individual leaf elements. Lino attempted to give life to this creation in the past but ultimately wasn’t satisfied with the end result. However, he finally found the way to perfect it last year. So the creation began…

One might wonder how – after more than 70 years of perfecting this material – the Maestro continues to find inspiration. In response to this nature-inspired installation, Lino wanted to note the following. Although it may seem like there are no parks in Venice, there are actually many; they are simply hidden. They might not be out in the open, but once you discover these parks you find their beauty. This lead to the naming of the new installation: A Secret Garden.


The leaves are created using the classic Venetian technique of blown glass with multicolor filigrana. The Corning Museum of Glass describes filigrana as: (Italian, “filigree glass”) The generic name for blown glass made with colorless, white, and sometimes colored canes. The filigrana style originated on the island of Murano in the 16th century and spread rapidly to other parts of Europe where façon de Venise glass was produced. Manufacture on Murano continued until the 18th century, and it was revived in the 20th century.

With a range of colors, the leaves offer both a warm and cool tones contrasting one another in temperature. Each leaf follows its own organic movement from one of the final steps which includes the piece being spun out so it takes on a natural shape. Each leaf is thoughtfully created and when pieced together, creates a stunning installation.

The Secret Garden is a beautiful addition to the Seattle studio. To schedule a tour, please request an appointment online. We can’t wait to see what the Maestro will create next!