10 / 05

SOFA Chicago 2018

Don’t miss this year’s annual Sculptural Objects Functional Art and Design fair in Chicago. Maestro Lino Tagliapietra will have an impressive display on view at the Schantz Galleries booth.

We will be sharing the Schantz Galleries catalogue shortly but in the meantime please find the excerpt below:

Glass deeply ingrained in Lino Tagliapietra. More than a livelihood, glass is the guide that shepherds him through the many tributaries of life. It is his foundation for cultural knowledge and artistic expression, his pilot to exotic destinations, his source of self-reflection, his connection to others. Just as Lino’s life is defined by glass, his astonishing body of work chronicles his life. And while the works trace the arc of Lino’s years, they also transcend his personal journey. They are artful illuminations of the myriad elements that make all our lives so full. From the tangible—things like colors, places, and animals, to the intangible—ideas like balance, strength, fragility, passion, whimsy, beauty, freedom. Lino’s glass art is a celebration of life.

“A Secret Garden” – Photo by Russell Johnson