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Discovering a New Series – Florencia

Florencia - Photo by Russell Johnson


The most recent innovation by Maestro Lino is one you don’t want to miss. The latest series – Florencia – is defined by its intricate murrini.

Lino sees a vision of a piece before the work begins.

Months before he creates a new piece, he starts sketching out the designs for his murrini. Without hesitation, he seamlessly begins to create unique color combinations and patterns as if he’s dreamt this all before. He sees the finished piece in all its beauty and begins from the ground up. Glass for the murrini is grouped and folded together, heated, and then stretched out to create cane. This is then cut into smaller squares that can be arranged and prepared for a murrini pickup to then create the vessel.

When Lino is asked how he keeps transforming these new techniques, forms and ideas, he explains the key is to…

listen to the intuition and make space for the imagination, and then…you must do it.”

Florencia Murrini

An example highlighting different colors of glass layered within the murrini

The Design

The patterns of the murrini pieces come to life once air is blown through the pipe and begins to aide in shaping the vessel. As it continues to grow larger and take on a form, the beautiful mosaic-like-pattern of the murrini presents itself. As the piece cools, the vibrancy, depth of glass layers within the murrini, and mesmerizing design will entrance you.

If you observe the patterns through detailed images, it’s almost difficult to imagine this is glass. This is the elements, working together, to transform a raw material into a stunning work of art. Because of Lino’s passion for glass and willingness to push techniques to new limits, we rediscover all the amazing qualities that allowed us to fall in love with glass art to begin with. The rich colors, the transparency, the light, the possibilities – it all contributes to what makes glass art so incredibly fascinating.


Close up of a finished Florencia piece – Photo by Russell Johnson

Florencia – Photo by Russell Johnson


Once under lighting, the reflections and shadows of these pieces will take your breath away. Often found in the shape of large bowls, this new series of work demands your attention. By shaping these pieces into bowls, you are able to get a remarkable view of the murrini displayed inside and incredible shadows. When you observe the majority of the Maestro’s glass pieces, the vessels made with murrini are covered by an outer layers of clear glass. The difference with the Florencia bowls, is that the vessel is opened and uninterrupted by a gather of clear glass on the inside so you are seeing the murrini directly. Not only does this allow you to get a better look at the murrini, it maintains texture. You can feel the layers of glass each lending their own distinctive color to create a unique palette.

Florenica – Photo by Russell Johnson

Florencia – Photo by Russell Johnson

Florencia – Photo by Russell Johnson

Even in his 80s, Lino continues to create; amazing us all. We can’t wait to see what the Maestro will dream up next.

There are a handful of beautiful 2018 Florencia pieces on display at Lino’s studio in Seattle, WA. To see for yourself, schedule a tour of his studio online.


Lino’s Seattle Studio:

2006 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA 98121