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Holsten Galleries: Discover Art Online

"Africa" - Photo credit: Russell Johnson photographer, Lino Tagliapietra Inc

In our journey made to discover the art galleries representing the Maestro, we’d like to introduce Holsten Galleries. This online art dealer has a long lasting tradition in the glass art and it has an interesting history that led it to become the valuable online gallery, as it is today.

Holsten Galleries has been working in the glass world since 1978 when it was first operating in Stockbridge, MA. Since its creation it has participated in a great variety of exhibits and events throughout the United States: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Palm Beach, and Scottsdale. Between 1980 and 1991, owner and director of the gallery, Kenn Holsten, also had a second gallery located in Palm Beach, Florida. In 2009, after almost 30 years of activity in Stockbridge, Holsten decided to then operate as an online gallery representing about 40 different artists working the glass. Today it is one of the leading online galleries showcasing the glass art throughout the United States, and it is the only virtual gallery specialized in this art representing renowned glass artists, as the Maestro Lino Tagliapietra.

The experience and passion Kenn Holsten has always had for the glass, is a key element that gives him the opportunity to work closely with the artists and select unique and outstanding works according to any requirements and desires. The gallery website has a great variety of the Maestro’s works that definitely attract your attention: Dinosaur, Africa, Angel Tear, Fenice, and Kookaburra to name some. Previous and recent works of the Maestro, with their unique colors and shapes, are displayed on the website to be discovered.

Kenn Holsten not only has a comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the glass art, but he also works closely to collectors and museums to create and select distinguished collections and installations. Moreover, he has always had a valuable collaboration and relation with the artists he represents, as the long-lasting cooperation with the Maestro, Lino Tagliapietra. As a matter of fact, Holsten Galleries was the first art dealer in the U.S. to show Lino’s work, during a small museum show in Florida in the Late 1980’s; from that year on the Maestro and Kenn have had a valuable collaboration and friendship.

Masterpieces can be viewed on the website, but you are welcome to contact the gallery owner for more information, details, or questions about the glass art and artists he represents.