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Inside the Hot Shop

Step inside the hot shop with Lino Tagliapietra and Dante Marioni

Tuesday morning in Seattle was much like many others – cold, wet, and abundantly grey. Amidst the grey-scale of the cityscape, the Martin Blank hot shop was just beginning to heat up. Tucked away downtown, you enter through the alley and can see the brilliant orange glow from the furnaces peeking through the windows.

Yesterday’s blow was a special day as Lino and Dante worked together to create incredibly elegant reticello Dinosaurs. Reticello is a technique using canes organized in such a way that they create a mesmerizing lattice pattern. If done traditionally, each diagonal space contains a small air bubble trapped between each cross section (photo below).

The shape of the pieces “Dinosaur” belongs to a fundamental series that is classically Lino. The vessels are usually rather tall and have a dramatically elongated neck that may or may not include a loop (Dinosaur pictured below).

“Dinosaur” – 2017 55 3/4h x 22w x 6 3/4d in – photo by Russell Johnson

The result was stunning pieces sure to wow a crowd! We are excited to share the finished result with you all and will be sure to post them to our social media pages.

Below is a team photo from the day.. such a fun and talented group!

Photo includes Lino, Dante, and team members Jason Christian, Darin Denison, Erich Woll, and Levi Belber.

If you’d like to see Lino work in person, be sure to check our calendar for upcoming dates. Lino will be working at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA starting January 29th. The sessions are open to the public and the hot shop features amphitheater style seating so you’ll be sure to get a good view! If you can’t make it, tune in to the MOG live-stream the day of.