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Lino blowing at MOG

The Maestro at work in the Hot Shop of MOG - July 2016 - Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc

Up to October 28, Lino is back in the Hot Shop of MOG for the third time this year. We saw him last February when he delighted the public while making stunning creations and last July in the process of making the well known “Ala” and “Endeavor” masterpieces along with new works of art. This week is another occasion to stop by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma to watch the Maestro and the team in the magical process of blowing glass.


Beautiful art in the MOG Hot Shop – Photo credit: Lino Tagliapietra Inc

As every time, Lino arrives at the Museum early in the morning, and after having a cup of coffee or a macchiato — if possible — he sneaks in the hot shop, his favorite place. Without talking too much, the Maestro picks the colors he needs, selects the murrini, the canes, and checks with his team if everything is all set for the day. He moves around to be sure that what he needs is ready and in the right place to begin working. Being proactive and exited about the hours he will spend in the Hot Shop, Lino does not waste time: he talks to the team, looks around, and starts working on the piece he has in mind. Throughout the process, you can hear him whistling, singing Italian songs from time to time, and sharing some thoughts with his team. Meanwhile the amphitheater gets more and more crowded and many people join the show to see the Maestro and witness the piece to be completed.

Being part of this artistic process is really amazing, a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. The energy, the interest, the passion, and the team-working spirit that can be felt in the Hot Shop are really unique and engaging. For the third time this year, Lino is glad for his residency at the renowned Museum of Glass and he is ready to allure us with his mastery and magical touch he brings every time he blows glass and creates incredible works.

Do not miss the opportunity to watch the glass artist live from the Hot shop of the Museum of Glass.