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Reflecting on GAS Murano 2018

Glass Art Murano – 2018

The Glass Art Society annual conference brought us all to beautiful Murano, a small island off of Venice, Italy. While most people are back to their respective homes, we can’t help but dream we were still in Italy. This incredible experience left us with memories we will carry throughout life. Artists, educators, students and admirers of glass art traveled from around the world to the island that forever impacted glass art.

The beautiful Murano, Italy

Originally, the glass culture in Italy began in Venice but – due to fear of fires – was moved to the small island Murano in 1291. Since then, Murano has shaped our understanding of glass. The island is saturated in history, tradition, innovation, and the mysteries of glass.

At the time, the glass industry was the driving force for Venice’s economy and reputation. In the 1960s, more than 5,000 people were earning their living as glassblowers on the island. Today, the number is about one fifth of that. Furnaces have closed and you simply don’t see as many young individuals pursuing glassblowing as a career on the island. For those continuing on the glassblowing path, the quality, deep understanding of the material, and pure talent that is produced out of Murano remains exceptional. Walking through the furnaces, you feel connected to it all. As the Masters shape goblets and vessels with ease, you truly take in the centuries of tradition and technique.

Video with Lino Commentary

Watch the video below as Lino talks about his morning visits to the NasonMoretti factory in Murano Venezia – describing the skill of the workers. Video by: Derek Klein.

🗣️LISTEN TO THE MAESTRO👂🎧@linotagliapietra explains how he loves visiting the skilled glassmakers at the Nason Moretti factory in Murano every morning and watching how they work with glass. @glassartsociety #smooth #glassmaking #nasonmoretti #gasmurano2018#maestro🇮🇹🎆 #glassgod #bestofglass #glassmakers #glass #glassofig

Posted by Derek Klein on Wednesday, May 23, 2018


This conference was much like others in years past – it featured demos, tours, lectures, and other glass related events. However, this conference was unmatched in its cultural significance. By bringing glass back full circle, to where the epicenter of glass reigned for more than 600 years, the meaning of this conference created a truly unique experience.

About the Glass Art Society

GAS is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage excellence, advance education, and promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts. In addition, support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass.

The GAS website described the conference as follows:

“The island of Murano, Italy hosted the 47th annual Glass Art Society conference. The Glass Path led attendees through the winding path of the island’s remarkable history while exploring the future of glass and discovering the hidden routes connecting the conference venues. A selection of Murano’s glass factories and studios provided the Glass Art Society with the incredible opportunity to use these facilities as venues for the conference. Attendees were a part of the highly anticipated GAS conference programs including glass demonstrations and lectures on inspiring glass topics, and special programming unique to Murano while surrounded by the beauty of the region of Venice.”

We hope you enjoy a few photos from the conference below!


Lino getting ready to do a demo at NasonMoretti, video of the end result is posted below!

Demo with Lino Tagliapietra, Stephen Powell, and Dino Rosin

Dinosaurs on display at Lino’s Murano studio

Lino interviewing for the conference in his Murano studio

Vibrant Ala pieces suspended in Lino’s Murano studio

Alas flying to the water over Lino’s studio