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SOFA Chicago, Lino Tagliapietra Inspirations

Fórcole - Photo credit: Jim Schantz, Lino Tagliapietra Inc

SOFA Chicago, 2016

“Like the Gondolier who needs a fulcrum, the fórcole, to travel the lagoon, Lino’s fulcrum, on which everything depends is the glass, to let him travel the world to share and create his art” [1]

One of the most important art exhibits is just around the corner. From November 3-6 the city of Chicago is hosting the well-known SOFA Chicago, where nearly 80 national and international galleries will showcase unique and breathtaking works of art. For its 23rd edition, SOFA Chicago – Sculptures, Objects, Functional Art and Design – opens its doors to the public, collectors, exhibitors, artists, and art enthusiasts for an incredible 4-days event to not miss and where to attend lecture series, special exhibits, and art demonstrations.

Located in the Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, the event will kick off on Thursday November 3rd with the opening night preview, a must attend event while in Chicago. The exhibition will run up to Sunday, November 6 and art passionate from all over the world will gather to enjoy and experiment one of the longest running art fair. Renowned galleries will showcase masterpieces of artists working different media such as ceramic, glass, metal, wood, fiber but also painting, design, jewelry, and photography.

Lino Tagliapietra, in collaboration with Jim Schantz and Kim Saul, owners of the Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, will exhibit a great selection of recent works that represent the incredible mastery of the Italian glass artist and the allure behind this beautiful art. This year Schantz Galleries will present new works that Tagliapietra made during his past residencies at the Museum of Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, and the MIT GlassLab. The Maestro has been creating breathtaking sculptures by taking inspiration from his life, home, travels, and places together with his imagination and creativity. A new sculpture to be premiered is the Cayuga, a creation that the artist first experimented with during his residency this year at the MIT GlassLab. Another new series is the spectacular Contarini, a work of art that derives from the window of the Palazzo Contarini in Venice. Last but not least, the elegant Fórcole, whose name comes from the rowlock of the Venetian gondolas:

In this body of work, he re-imagines the centuries-old tradition of making fórcole, metamorphosing a functional object into sculpture. With remarkable technical ability, he communicates his expressive aesthetic and his light, intelligent, and inspiring presence.” (Schantz Galleries “Notes of the Directors” – “Lino Tagliapietra, inspirations” October 28, 2016).


SOFA Chicago

The new series “Contarini” – Photo credit: Russell Johnson photographer, Lino Tagliapietra Inc


Schantz Galleries is also glad to showcase some of the Maestro’s well-known series, with the new addition of the centuries-old glass-making Avventurine technique. Among all these new sculptures, the iconic Dinosaur, Niomea, and Angel Tear will be part of the outstanding selection.

Schantz Galleries and Lino Tagliapietra welcome you to visit the Maestro’s exhibition and explore the charm and mastery behind every single piece. The Maestro will be present and will be glad to talk and explain the meaning and story of his works, the magic of the glassblowing art, and the passion he has always had along his career.

[1] Schantz Galleries SOFA Chicago 2016 catalogue.