02 / 28

The Maestro at MOG

This past month, the Maestro worked at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, blowing glass for a live audience at the museum’s spectacular hot shop. From 9 to 2pm every day, Lino and his team worked new glass art into creation, amassing an impressive array of works over three days.

Braving the unexpected snowstorm, crowds filled MOG’s hot shop to see the Maestro at work. Audience members watched the Maestro from packed seats and looked down onto the hot shop floor from the balcony over the furnace. MOG’s wonderful MC’s were in attendance, taking questions from the crowd and explaining Lino’s methods and glassblowing techniques.

With the help of his team, as well as MOG’s crew of gaffers, Lino Tagliapietra flexed his creative genius, producing a number of brand new vessels that feature breathtaking colours and patterns.

Perhaps most exciting to watch were the Maestro’s dinosaurs. Seasoned audience members would murmur with excitement as the Maestro and the team got in place to shape the vessel. As Lino skillfully stretched the neck of each dinosaur the crowd got noticeably louder, with applause breaking out in full force when the finished piece was carried to the annealer.


On behalf of Lino and his team, THANK YOU for your support! So many of you came to MOG to see the Maestro, and it was wonderful to hear of your admiration for Lino and his work.

Another huge thank you goes to everyone at MOG for rescheduling Lino’s final demonstration in the face of inclement weather conditions! Looking forward to next time!